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Master League File Help


17 September 2006

I play on 6 star, and at the end of season the option to play a friendly came up and i saw the master league youth players there, so I decided to play against them as a scouting mission.

But I couldn't be botherd to actually play the game, so I changed the difficulty to 1* and then finished the game on 5 mins just to get it over with because I just wanted to get on with negotiations.

Anyway, I didnt think to change the difficulty back and now the first game of the season has come round, and i went to change it back but i cant!

Is there anyway I can change the difficulty back, I don't want to play a whole season on 1* or start again.

I have a max drive so I could upload my master league file if there's any softwear that can edit saved Master League games? Maybe PESFan Editor?

Can someone PLEASE help, with pro evo 6 so near i cant be botherd to start again...

any ideas?



Had the same pb before and that's f***in' boring ! <--- konami thank your for the manual !

I'm sure you can find someone here who is able to edit that for you.
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