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Master League Negotiations - help



Hey i just got promotion in the Master League and was trying to add some players to my squad, a few of the classic players like Batistuta, etc. but every time i make an offer the negotiation always ends in a breakdown. I'm offering them stupid wages of like 3000 and i still can't get any of the really god players to accept my contract offers.

Does anybody know why this keeps happening, and more importantly, is there some way around it?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


25 October 2006
São Paulo (Brazil)
Nutmeg is right, you should also take a look at the players of the teams that went to Div.2, you may find some good players...

My other suggestion is: save your game before tou go to the next negotiation round. If you get a breakdown, go back to main menu to load your game and try again. You may have a different result, just keep trying.


Thanks for that, i did think it would be something like that... guess i'm just gonna have to win Division 1 and then i can start thinking about making my Dream Team!!!


6 September 2006
Look, what difficulty level have you selected? I'm not talking about "gameplay difficulty" (regular,...,top player etc), i'm talking about master league and negotiations difficulty, which you choose at the beginnining, when you start a master league (and which you can change later). I recommend that you choose "normal", because at "hard" or "very hard", it is impossible to buy any player...


6 December 2006
Save at the start of the nagotiation period.Try to negotiate with player.If you can't buy player load the game and try again.This is very boring but at the end you will be able to buy him.


Silent Assassin
1 October 2003
Manchester United
Its because your WEFA Ranking is still too low. If you just got promoted, the chances are that your ranking is still too low compared to the ranking of the team you want to buy players off.
Buying players off low ranked teams is much easier.

Dont think winning promotion or a cup will give you the right to buy top players. Increase your ranking first.
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