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Been looking around the pesrankings event and seen many premiership and la liga leagues etc...and since the master league on the game is the same crap (GOD I miss the good old master league on Winning Eleven 6 Final Evolution...)
with just national leagues Im gonna create a "master league" and anyone that is dedicated and serious (i.e plays their games without moaning and cheating ) can join.

Since im creating this im gonna be cheaky and choose AC Milan....I was thinking of doing this random but chances are that people will drop out if they dont get the team they it's first come, first served...

Haven't decided on how many players that can participate but i'll just do it without a maximum and set a date instead...

The simple rules...
RANDOM condition eh MArko
10min games...
Random time and weather...
naturally no extra time or Pk's...
Home and Away games
You can play the games wherever u long as u play them

The link to this even is

Teams taken so far...
Ac Milan (GoaGuru)
Inter Milan (Marko9Gardinic)
Man Utd (GodRooney8)
Bayern Munich (lamps)
Newcastle (Onyabike)

For all of you that failed to join the evo-web league here¨s your chance....The tournament is played on pesrankings...u have to be regged there to play....the info on this league is on...U will also find the PASSWORD there

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U need to register on that site...sorry about that...but since their community is bigger and I really wanted to get this thing working i cant have sign ups on both....hope u understand people..
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