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Master League Player Ratings



I find that it is really difficult to get a decent average rating for my defensive players when playing my Master League. It's really hard to earn a 6.0 or above, even when I do not concede any goals during a game. Has anyone else found this? Where am I going wrong? My defenders rarely concede possession. Even the goalkeeper gets a 5.5 if he hasn't conceded either. Thoughts?
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15 October 2002
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Even though I get as frustrated as you about these ratings I still check them for every single match.

What I have noticed is that the player who has possesion of the ball the most (bottom left in the individual player ratings) gets a higher score than the team average straight away. Usually for me, playing as Liverpool, that's Gerrard or Kromkramp (I attack mostly down the right). People who score goals get higher ratings again but this is more graded based on shots to goals ratios.

For example, last night I beat Arsenal on 5* in the Champs League 7-0 (I know!) and my goalscorers were Torres with 3, Eto' 3 and Mancini with 1. Torres got an 8.5 and Eto' only a 7.0 - when I checked the stats, they both had one assist each and both had roughly the same amount of possesion, the only difference was Torres only had 3 shots whereas Eto' had 8.

Hope this makes sense?


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10 November 2003
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the rating system is terrible.

players shouldn't be punished for taking more shots. if one player is constantly putting the opponent's defense in trouble and forcing the goalie to make saves and scores a goal, he should not be rated lower than a player who takes only one shot all day and scores.


Yeah I can understand the way it's decided for the attacking players, but defence-wise? Haven't got a clue.
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