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Master League - Regens and Retired Players


League 1
3 November 2011
Players who are retired are scrapped from the database loaded from Edit Mode at the start of a ML save(or alternatively, become coaches of clubs replacing other coaches. Coaches who are past the age of 75 are deleted from the game's coaching pool)

Amount of players retired each season is replaced by an equal amount of regens spawning into various clubs, as free agents, and into your youth squad(The ones placed in clubs would ideally be mostly from the nation of where the club is from). In addition, add a name/surname generator like the NBA 2k series, where only certain names/surnames are available for different nationality regens.

I'll elaborate further, i just hope this feedback forum doesn't end a pure wishlist/feedback, and that someone from Konami actually sees this and considers implementing in the next PES game(s).


World Cup Winner
30 August 2005
NOT Lombardia NA.
This is indeed a great idea (which we've been discussing for months now).
I find the current 'respawn' system gamebreaking, so here's a massive YES, PLEASE for this feature.


Voodoo Child
5 February 2008
Ludogorets Razgrad
Great idea, indeed. It's basically the Football Manager system.

The bad part for me would be all regens looking the same - same facial features just different skin color, hairstyle etc. I get this feeling playing NBA 2K, which has about 10 presets for regen faces with some variations on the details.
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