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Master League Transfer Breakdown Help


10 June 2007
I've played PES for quite a few years now but never really bothered with the Master League in the past, until now, instead prefering to play the odd exhibition match or usually just playing online.

For a change I decided to try the ML after patching the game with Evolution 1.3, and the game looks/sounds fantastic. In my first season I won the Div 2 league with my Liverpool team but am having big problems trying to sign players. I need an ace striker for my team but every one I try to sign I get 'Breakdown' My salaries total 17816 but funds are 29400, the players I'm trying to sign are free agents e.g Gary Lineker with a salary of 1254, I have even offered him 1754, but still no dice, help please!

I've also tried to buy Beckenbauer and a few other players but get the same result :(


MUFC Maniac
15 September 2005
Players tend to join based on ur team's overall ranking. when u are in the lower leagues, expensive players are very difficult to buy.try decreasing ml difficulty level or go for cheaper players. players with 1 0r no stars are almost imossible to buy in intial stages.


Stadium maker
6 April 2007
That's right.
If you want to get the player easier, you change the master league level to very easy. You will see the 3 star (for easy transfer) under the salary of each player. :D
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