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Match rules

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Shollym PESerbia

8th year of the patch
9 August 2007
The land of champions
Boca Barça Inter MUTD PFC
These rules apply to all competitions organized for Shollym patch, others can use them if they want, or don't use them, it's your choice ;)

*In tournaments that are played under the cup system, 3 matches will be played with no overtime and no penalties included. The winner is the one who has more wins in those three matches, and if a the result is drawm (one win in three matches for both players, or all 3 draws) then a 4. game shall be played and only that 4. game will be played with 90 min + penalties.

*In tournaments organized as a Champions league with groups and knockout phase, in group there are two matches to play with each opponent, and in knockout phase is applied the rule for cup system, mentioned above.

General match rules

Time : 10 or 15 min, depending on tournament rules
Long / 9 Pause
Condition : Random
Injuries : OFF
Substitutions: 3
Penalties: NO
Weather : FINE
Winter / Summer
3 screenshots at the end of each gam (both players take SS, one of them posts them in results thread)

when you play online you MUST turn off all internet related programs that can slow down online game:
torrent, msn, internet explorer, antivirus, windows firewall - turn OFF each one of them to avoid lag during playing

** Rule in case the match is interrupted
(lost connection, one's PC reseted, or game crashed from any other reason):
- game shall be resumed from that exact minute when the crash occured, and with the same result that was at the moment, this is how you do that:
- start a new game, then wait until the minute when the game was interrupted and after that finish the game normally
- If there were goals scored before the crash, then before you resume game you or your should score own goals to reach the same result as it was the crash.
(if the result was 3:2 it's enough to score one goal 1:0, if it was 4:2 then you score two goals, it's the different in goals that matters, not the exact result)
- If there were red cards then the player who received red card must get the sam ammount of red cards as they were in the moment of interruption.


It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to score cutback goals (scored from first shot on the return ball, the shot is incredibly precise and unrealistic, whether good or bad a player will kick the ball so fiercely and precise, i over than 90% of cases this will result in scoring a goal.), If someone accidentaly scores a cutback goal then his opponent will send him the ball after kick-off and a person that scored a cutback goal is obliged to score an own goal. After that games continues normally.

Here you can see what is and what is not a cutback goal, analise this video:
If a player who scores a cutback goal doesn't want to score an own goal then his opponent takes a screenshot and reports unsporting player who will be banned from competition and from future competitions. There will be no exceptions to this rule!
Learn how to receive balls and than make a quick shot in order to avoid cutback situations.

** Rule of taking screenshots (SS)
at the end of each game BOTH PLAYERS make for themselves 3 screenshots:
1 - match result 2 - match details (the screen with shots, yellow cards etc.) 3 - scorers

For making screenshots use program FRAPS:

Then upload 3 screenshots from each game to some upload sites like www.imagetitan.com
and post them in the thread where the results are posted.

Example of how you should post screenshots (SS), you make 3 screenshots:
match result, scorers, and game stats:


Shollym (Barcelona) 6 - 3 Fico (Liverpool)

** Rules regarding unsporting play

- a player whose team has a lead for example 1 goal, or has the result that suits him MUST NOT delay the game and keep the ball on his half or return it to the keeper too often and by doing that preventing the opponent to reach the ball, if someone is doing this against you you should report the case and he will be sanctioned.

- to tackle opponent from behind even when he's coming 1 on 1 with the keeper or similar situation,
this is dirty playing but it's inside football rules so no arguing about that. If someone plays like this he is not exactly a "fair play" type of player so he will quickly loose his online friends.

- it is allowed to change formation during the match, switch from defensive to offensive and viceversa

** What to do if your opponent does not show up during the deadline for playing a certain round?

After every player applied for tournament you can find his MSN adress in the apllication thread, contact him as soon as possible
and make agreement when you can play your match, that's why everyone must have msn live messenger installed.
YOU ARE OBLIGED as soon as you find out name of your opponent to send him message via MSN, and if he doesn't answer by the end of deadline you have option "history" in msn that keeps all your messages and you send a SS showing that you tried to reach him and that is a proof that you tried to contact him so you will automatically win that game.

Please respect these rules, in order to avoid unnecesary sanctions.

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