match tactics a bit confusing


5 August 2005
i know japanese doesent translate brilliantly into english but the match tactics seem a bit more complicated than last year

i havent got the game on infront of me so this is done from a very shakey memory but as far as i can see its the same options as last years given extra mad menus.

its not exactly make or break with me for the game ( love it ) but i cant help thinking im missing out on something.

any ideas ......


2 August 2003
Do you mean the first thing that comes up when you're entering the menu? That's not really anything, you can turn it off too.


5 August 2005
fair enough, cheers. just wondered if the menus hid good stuff.

kind of related topic, isnt it time they had better default formations ?


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30 November 2003
SL Benfica
this way "seabass" actually "forced me" to try his quick settings and "recommended formations".
the recommended formations are not that bad...

still don't know what pressing the start button does, when in "change player" menu... it looks like it recommends a better player (?)
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