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MAX Drive - crushed saves!


4 February 2004
Graz, Austria
Hi all,

I've a problem which is really strange :

All option files which I've downloaded for my PS2 Max Drive are crushed saves. All steps which are needed to copy one option file to my memory card were done correctly.

I can see in my PS2 max drive software that the option file is on the card...but when I start PES5...I can't load the file...everytime I get an error "no file found" in PES5...in the PS2 system menu I can only see a "AR MAX DRIVE crushed save"..what has happend???

Any help will be much appreciated!

THANK you all a lot!

greetings syn


Part Timer
21 February 2003
You need to uncrush the save, I'm not exactly sure what the process is, but I think the option to "uncrush" is in the software you run on your PC before you actually apply the save to the Max Drive and then your memory card. (Sorry, I still use Xport V2 :( )

If thats not nearly correct, someone else here will know for sure. :)


El Panzer
15 December 2005
F.C. Barcelona
Yes, you have to uncrush the file

The max drive cd have the option to uncrush the file. you have to do it to make the option file works.
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