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Maxdrive >>>>>Availabiltiy?


12 October 2006
I need a Max drive for PES6, lost my old one:roll: the usual places are sold out (play, amazon..etc) and the others have hiked the price up. Does anyone know a cheaper place to get one? thanks


I'm having trouble finding a max drive aswell. Does anyone know anywhere online where they sell them or do they sell them in shops? Thanks


play.com were selling them for £9.99 until they sold out but yeah, i think its alright


League 2
22 April 2006
henrick said:
Does that include the CD max drive software. Im new to these max drive things. Will that one work will pro evo and let me take option files off the internet? Thanks
see no reason why not mate,seems to be what everyone else uses.

there`s a guide on how to use it on pesfan


havent you a friend who has one, just copy the OF"
and any usb stick will do if you still have the cd that came with your max drive...simple really
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