MaxDrive Help! How to transfer OF to Memory Cards.

Carl Hooper

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1 April 2007
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Hey all,

I'm fairly new to this site, and I admire all your hard work in getting all these cool patches and Option Files.

However, I cannot understand how to upload an option file using MaxDrive. I have:

  • A Normal USB Thumbdrive
  • The MaxDrive Software
  • And of Course the OF I want, and PES6.

Is this all I need to transfer an OF to a Memory Card?

Thanks for the help,
Carl Hooper:triangle: :square: :circle: :x:


Don't worry guys, I've done it. But are there anything else MaxDrives can do except Option Files for PES.
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20 August 2006
yes thats all you need, now first

1, put ur max drive in ur pc

2, get the o.f u have rite click and send it to your maxdrive

3, load up the max drive cd(ps2 one) in your ps2, plug your max drive, click the o.f as you can see it

4, click uncrush data to memory card

5, done, go to your mem card it is there.

6, load up the game and have fun :)


20 August 2006
oh rite keep restartin ur ps2 untill it does read it, because mine did it, it takes quite a while but it will work.


18 August 2003
Yeah try loading it from the ps2 being off, trying insterting the disk when you are already on the browser screen..

takes ages for me as well
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