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MaxDrive + SLIMLINE PS2 = Error

Young GE

4 May 2006
Why doesn't my MaxDrive disc load with my brand new slimline PS2?

I can do the Bin/Cue method, but my SwapMagic CD-R has gone missing, so there is no way i can transfer Jayz' optionfile to go with his patch i just downloaded :(

has anyone got another method i can use?

im desperate, thanks

Stringer Bell

12 February 2005
I've had the same problem, you have to keep on restarting until it works.

For me it doesn't work on my slimline PS2 so what i do is use the SwapMagic 3 CD to load the Max Drive up.

But it seems you've lost your SwapMagic, so just keep restarting it until it works, if it does that is...
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T Butcher fan

Champions League
3 December 2001
I have the same problem with my disc - eventually it will load though. Sometimes takes 20 or so goes before it does, sometimes it works first time.

I have no idea why it happens, just keep at it.
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