Mcclaren and England are like piss and shit mixed together



Tonights performance of England was just disgusting to be honest. Croatia didnt even play that well but still managed to beat england convincingly, simply because their main ingredients were tecnique and teamwork. Mcclarens first big test against a decent side and he messes up completetly. I just hope all those Jeff Powell-inspired xenophobic nonsense lovers that suggested that only an Englishman would be any good as the England manager because a foreigner "wouldn't understand" it or have enough "passion", as if understanding and passion are English-only characteristics, are now satisfied. Scolari or Hiddink would have been best for the job yet they lose to this mess of a manager who thinks he can tinker with formations in qualifers as if he is still managing in the premiership with middlesborough.

Mcclaren guy is amatuer. He is out of his depth. TBH I always thought he was out of his depth at Boro too. Now we have a boring and uninventive "old school" Englishman in charge. Why did the FA not hire someone who would make radically needed changes; instead of someone who would say they would make radical changes and then drop one man (or scapegoat?). Mcclaren is just like Sven, he has been his number 2 for last couple of years so we should have never expect him to be n any different. A 'yes sir anything you say sir' man is Mcclaren. If he had the courage, he would drop more players that are not pulling their weight. Firstly lampard who I cant remember the last time he had a good game for england. Mcclarens lovechild Downing shouldnt even had been mentioned putting on a shirt. Even Rooney should have be given a break. If players are not in form in the last 5 or six matches for their club and country then they should be dropped. Pick people on form and not just on name; and I would also pick players who show passion for their country (not just by kissing a badge after scoring).It's not rocket science but is apparently beyond Mr 'Look at my nice white teeth do you want a cup of tea smile' McClaren.

Slaven Bilic said England are 'sh*t' last week, and how well england did to prove him wrong tonight! Until England get a proper manager who isnt all talk and get rid of the overhyped infallables of Lampard, Gerrard, Ashley Cunt(who I hope has damaged his ankle permantley), and get a team together instead of a team of individuals who play waiting for the opposition to bow in submission to the mighty hyped England, then we can expect more disappoint.


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20 January 2006
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To be Honest I think the main problem with the team is Peter Crouch.
I'm not having a go at Crouchie because he done ok but the way he plays affects the other players around him.

Crouch for me doesn't move about enough and doesn't draw the defenders away allowing space for Rooney,Lampard,Gerrard and this is why I think we miss Owen alot. Owen is a goal poacher and because of this the goals seemed to have dried up.

another factor for me was the bench. How bad was that bench today? Not enough quality for me which affected us when we were losing the game.

I might be wrong about Crouchie but it's just what I was feeling today while watching the match, and again the tactics were pretty poor today.


28 June 2005
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yeah but Crouch is the only one scoring goals. Downing, Richardson, Jenas shouldn't be in the squad.

Why the hell did he try a 3-5-2 in a game like this. That should be saved for frendlies or teams like Andora to see if it'll work. Should have played it in the next friendly against Holland i think.

i've always said the FA should have signed Gus Hiddink, a man that can cope with change and plays good effective football.

Having said that theres still loads of games to make amends.

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14 May 2003
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alucard said:
Mcclaren and England are like piss and shit mixed together
I could have died laughing at that. :mryellow: Couldn't agree more, it's an absolute disgrace. When the managers in the frame for the England job were becoming more apparent, it was "wake up and smell the shit" time; Big Sam the manager of a mid-table (or worse) team, McClaren the manager of a mid-table (or worse) team, and everybody else denied they were candidates straight away knowing that they'd stand no chance with that squad if they were the best manager in the world.

We need a foreign manager, something different, not 4-4-2 and a cup of tea to throw against the wall when the goalkeeper misses a fucking backpass. Sven was crap, so instantly the idea is discounted by the FA. Apart from when Phil Scolari was approached, which would have been great for us. But then, thanks Mr. Press trying to find out what his daughters' names are where they go to school how many boys they've kissed and how they wipe their arses, he changed his mind and nobody can blame him really. We're doomed, DOOOOMED.

England will never win the World Cup again, we're not a footballing superpower. The only times English teams win is when over 90% of the team is foriegn. English players aren't getting nutured any more, they're getting overlooked for cheaper, more technically gifted players and shipped out to Conference teams. So many players have potential when they're 17 or under, but they're stuck in the U19s for years upon years, waiting for a chance in the first team, and then sold for £10k to Worksop. They're not given the chance to become world class, and so they don't.

I love football, but English football is dead internationally.
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17 April 2004
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Agree with pretty much everything said in this thread.

I wouldn't mind England loosing (obviously) but it would be nice if they didn't bore me to death while doing it...

Speed and skill is needed, I'd drop Crouch, Lampard, Downing and Rooney.

When Ashton is fit again him and Andy Johnson can play upfront with Rooney behind.


12 December 2002
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JayM,you'd drop Rooney and pick him again to play behind Dean Ashton and Andy Johnson eyy? hahaha...England,ingerlund, anyone else surprised? I'm surprised to see Poland beat Portugal 2-1 and I'm surprised Ireland drew with Czech Republic...but England? Not surprising that they lost but whats more surprising was the headline on soccernet,Comedy in Croatia...that was funny...hahaha.


couldnt agree more, i cant believe how piss poor england is with that squad.


The problem with England is that it always prizes itself with strength and size over tecnical abililty and tactical understanding. Crouch is a prime example, he is only selected because of his height and the option it gives for england to go long ball and hoof it inot the area hoping crouch will headed down to englands new golden boy rooney to blast in the top corner. Thats the ideal england goal. It was exactly the same with Heskey and Owen combination. Also this socalled 'passion' theology the nation likes to adopt when really it is a another word for hooliganism on the pitch; Gettting stuck into tackles is considered more important than having flair and skill. England were even considering Stauart Pearce for the job, not because of his achievments as manager (because he has none) but because of this socalled 'passion' he has which means someone who runs up and down the touchline swearing f-ing this and f-ing that like some vile pub man swearing at a tv screen because his team isnt winnning. This behaviour is hailed and praised in england as if it is the more wise way than a player or manager who calmly plays or dilivers his tactics astutely.

I am more than impressed by this guy Bilic. Not only did he easily beat us with his tactics, he told us before the game that this was going to happen.This guy knows all that is wrong with the English team.He said Crouch dosnt pose a danger when you know how to play him, he also said Rooney is lethal but he had 4 men closing him down everytime he got a touch and he finally pointed out McLarens lack of judgement with the Beckham saga.How can you drop a guy who has the best crosses in the world?How can you drop a guy who can change the game in a second?

Also england have not got world class players, world class players perform on the International stage and rise to the ocassion consistently, not just against the Andorra's and Estonias. England have players who on form are very good footballers, who play for major clubs and against most of the world stars in the CL.


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4 July 2003
I don't really think anyone can blame, well anyone for 'Croatias' second goal, those kind of things just happen. The first was simply terrible marking combined with terrible positioning by Robinson. Fine, so we conceeded. Now get on with it. I'm a United fan, and I know that if United go down 1-0, they're damn well going to have 10 shots on goal in the next 15 minutes. And they may lose, that's football, but they're going to have a go. England, especially after the 2nd goal, seemed almost happy to have an excuse to go home with. Oh it was a bobble, what can you do.

At least Rooney was still trying, but in all honesty other than him there was no real drive, no real desire and belief that they could come back.

Oh and you know who would probably make a half-decent wing back? Not Gary Neville. But a certain Mr. Beckham. Sigh.


I think you can blame Robinslob for the second goal. The ball wasnt even going fast atall when Neville back passed. Robinslob just needed a bit more concentration to kick the ball. But I dont blame him for losing focus in such a dull match. But Im sure I could see the pie crust tumbling from his jersey as he leapt for the first goal in vain.


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1 October 2006
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I thought about the 4-0 and 5-0 victories then Croatia turn up and Mclaren just had to try a new system, besides he should play with the 4 defenders and alternate the midfield and attackers like 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 because the back 4 cover the whole attack then. Let's face it, England have always played 4-4-2 or 4-5-1, but not 4-3-3, for me changing the defence isn't a good thing for England, we can cover fine with 4 or 5 but 3 is never going to work, it only works for counter-attacking teams, England isn't one of them since they pass in their defence.


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Hi chaps,

Sorry to butt in on the post-mortem :) but another point i don't think helps in all this is the media's casual disreguard of the group as a foregone conclusion.

Away trips to Croatia, Russia & Israel (and to a lesser extent Estonia & Macedonia) all involve a number of factors (decent sides, travelling, cold weather, hostile crowds etc..) that the supposed "tougher" (certainly not in my opinion) WC Qualifiying group didn't contain.

And to be honest, they still made a bit of a meal of that too.


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25 July 2005
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No! blame on Robinson watch the replay closly you would see the ball bounce over his foot at the precise time...a freak situation no doubt I never seen or heard of such a thing (someone should post video on it)


3 December 2004
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I agree 100%.
blame it on the foreign player.....pretty freaking lame.....Mcclaren got it all wrong he hasnt done anything different than sven, other than drop beckham...thats about it....

robinson made some decent saves...

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10 July 2004
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Said it when first announced Mclaren wrong (safe-cheap) man for the job and England players making the worst mistake possible and believing their own hype...

We would do better with a manager who can organise and a team of players from the Championship, may be short on skill but would bloody play with the pride and passion of someone lucky enough to pull on their nations shirt...


22 February 2005
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couldn't be agree more about what Is said here but England and chelsea seems to have the same problem;keep playing Lamps even when he doesn't perform!!c'mon mclaren and jm drop him any players can play all the game at the same level!!
as much i love lamps i don't remember his last good game for England


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26 November 2005
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England are like Everton or Bolton and we should play to our strengths. Everton on their day can beat anyone.
We've never had the best players but we've always had the most heart. At the moment we've got neither. Just a load of greedy, lazy fuckers that think they're as good Brazilians and know they won't get dropped.


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12 September 2002
Must say i feel sorry for Robinson, just bad luck that second goal...i hope those horrible tabloids will have mercy with him...he seemed a very good GK to me...


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5 July 2005
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There are two problems in my opinion.The first prob is Terry.No,not the way he plays,the way how he leads England as a captain.I think he can't rise a team from the ashes and start winning.Becks has this quality.He could do this.
The second problem is too many young players in England team.What is a national team? It is the unity of best players of that country,right? So,I don't think that players like Lennon or Wright-Phillips are the best on their position in England.I don't say to bring old players,I think that McLaren can use players that will be useful on that position.
And there is a fact that Mac is a shit manager,but it is not a problem.I can't understand how he could drop Becks and say that,for example,Richardson is better than David.And I think that without his long lobs England attack look badly...
That's it.


13 March 2005
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The British press ruined any chance of us winning a major competition anytime in the near future.

Scolari or Hiddink were the men for the job.

These mangers would not be afraid to drop players like Lampard and Rooney who just simply werent performing. We have players like Bent, Johnston scoring for fun in the league, and players like Parker who perform week in week out. Why on earth did we decide to advertise what formation we were going to player days before the actual game, giving Croatia time to prepare a strategy? And the actual change of formation in a Competitive game?
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