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Message Post prob



Well, I dunno what happened as I have been away for a couple of days, but after seeing the 12 hour stoppage time, thought maybe I was seeing things when I tried to post today. I can't even use the Enhanced Mode now to my amazement. I find it easier to work using Enhanced Mode as smilies and other remarkable things happen easily, but not now, using this "Guided Mode" way. Now it's impossible to even add a smilie.

I had to change the profile to be able to even post this message.

Is there a prob with the posting function now?

If not, has anything happened to shorten the life of the Enhanced Mode for me?

Thanx in advance of a reply, lads.


Well, I posted the above post and come back about an hour later and was able to use the advanced mode to post in a thread so it appears that things are OK now, or it was a bug in the works somewhere.

If someone did fix it then thanx very much.

*Sighs happily*


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Oh good, I didn't break/fix anything but glad to hear you're ok now. :)
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