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8 August 2003
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Re: XBOX 360 - Official Pictures

what about the size?
Ps2 was already a bick brick, not even counting the xbox.
On gamespy there is the ad bout the xbox. doen'st show the console, but the colors stick! green green! :mrgreen:

and I hate memory cards. Is it time MS and Sony give up about it.
the option should be available if someone wants to take is mem card to a friends house. Well if Hd is available, logic dictates we won't need one! :applause:
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12 May 2003
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Re: XBOX 360 - Official Pictures

XBOX are promoting the console on MTV for the 'unvieling' on the 23rd of May i think. It's gonna be on MTV worldwide over the space of 2 days, UK of the second day.

elijah wood is gonna b hosting it. Should be fun.


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23 October 2004
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Re: XBOX 360 - Official Pictures

Looks sleek. As for getting it when it comes out Mikey, I'd bide your time and watch the price drop.

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12 February 2005
Re: XBOX 360 - Official Pictures

So this is official the new X-Box is going look like the above.

So how much is it and when is it coming out (can't go on the link right now, i am at school and they've got that internet block thing).

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14 May 2003
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Re: XBOX 360 - Official Pictures

XBOX 360 = XBOX 2, am I right?

And am I the only one to think it looks fooking AWFUL (as well as that "logo")?


22 July 2004
Re: XBOX 360 - Official Pictures

Pro Evo 5 is going to be released on PS2 and Xbox, not PS3 and Xbox 360.


11 November 2001
Re: XBOX 360 - Official Pictures

They're not 'official' in that MS didn't release them and neither have they confirmed them, but it does seem pretty certain that they're real. I quite like the look of the machine, but I don't like the ominous memory card slots, are we going to be forced to use them (and thus buy them) or do we get a HDD (does that say 40GB on the side there?)?


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7 April 2003
Re: XBOX 360 - Official Pictures

From what we can see of it, I have to say I love the look of the new Machine.

I can see me getting all carried away and buying this at Launch especially if I have my 50-60" HiDef TV by then :)


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7 April 2003
Re: XBOX 360 - Official Pictures

Cheers for that ClassicD :)

Guys, I don't want to be a Tart and start moaning before its even revealed properly but I can't help myself on this one ............ ;-)

Come on that D-Pad is pish again and it basically rules out the chance of having any Genre defining beat me-ups on the console as it won't have the same level of control as the PS3 Version where applicable .... Soul Calibur 4 as a possible example ?

Why don't they just give in to their pride and shamelessly rip-off the Sony D-Pad design ... it works so well and should've become the standard for the Industry :(

Oh well a shit D-Pad for the next 5 Years again ... could be worse I suppose.

Anyway onto the cooler stuff what about that Spherical Button that is basically the new "XBOX" Logo .... it has 4 possible settings by the looks of it ?

Also looks like they are deffo 100% Wireless controllers and a possible plug in jack on the bottom edge of the pad ... New live headset possibly ?

Oh well its all very interesting :mrgreen:


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28 August 2002
Re: XBOX 360 - Official Pictures

I actually like the current Controller S for the XBox so if the 360 version is identical then I will be happy. I don't give a flying feck about beatem-up's so it's no loss to me. The analog triggers on the xbox controller are perfect for driving games and shooters (imo) so I'm happy.

I'm more excited about the 360 than the PS3 at the moment.


Re: XBOX 360 - Official Pictures

The dpads are terrible though in xbox joypads though
God that thing will be boggin with in the week in my room :S . looks like I will be investing in a faceplate
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