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Microsoft Xbox One


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29 November 2005
Singapore XBox credit is 20% off at the moment. So, along with game-sharing with my mate, it's just cost me £70 for Forza 6, NBA 2k16, Fallout 4 and still $70 left which will cover PES 2016.

You can buy the cards here (make sure you choose the digital card):


Change your region to Singapore on the Xbox website, add a Singapore address, redeem codes, buy games with credit :)


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27 April 2002
Is there anywhere to check the prices?

I'm after MGS, Fifa 16 and Forza 6 and was wondering how much id save.

Id probably buy $100 for £64


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27 April 2002
Dunno if I've worked it out right but i should be able to get 2 games for £64

Is the 20% offer still on?


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27 April 2002
Ah that's a shame.

Looking at that site i can still get 2 games for 60 odd quid though.

Should i change my region to Singapore before i buy the $100 digital card?

Also do i buy the games off the website or though the Xbox?
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27 April 2002
Another question,

Do i have to put in a Singaporean address to buy the digital card?

Another issue, I'm browsing though the games on the Singapore site and when i clicked buy its coming up with "Help us protect your account" and asking for a code generated by a authenticator app.

Any ideas?

I think i need a guide :LOL:
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11 August 2003
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Xbox Live subscriptions are to rise 25% in the UK to £49.99.
Changing conditions was to blame and the price will increase on the 8th August.

So the actual reason is since the pound is worth sweet FA at the moment and is likely to drop even further shortly, we are raising our prices.

Not sure what actual difference this will make, as personally I have always bought cards online when discounted.
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