ML- Best 1st season signings


League 2
1 April 2005
I want to know who are the best 1st season signings to buy in WE10 ML! I remember always buying Nakata & Takahara in PES4 and they always changed my season around for the better. I am looking for players like this! Thanks!


League 2
1 April 2005
I am playing as default ML team on 6 star difficulty so I wont have alot of money to spend! I can creat chances but never score! I only scored one goal in 10 games from open play! I can create but not finish so I need good cheap players to turn things around for me or else it will be game over!


19 March 2005
I haven't played ml for 2 years and it feel well to get back to this stuff .
back then I used to have mustapha hadji , nakamura and kaebi as my first signing but this time I'm playing with rennes and I'm quite happy with the signing of muntari and dhorasoo (I took him mainly because it wasn't realistic to see him play in psg :D) .
I tried many times to get nakamura and wilhemson but my offers were all rejected (shame on you nante not selling a player you put on the bench on real life) so maybe next time I'll succeed or else I'll take boussoufa 8) .


League 2
1 April 2005
Ok I have got to the first negotiation period. I am playing on 6 star difficulty with the original ML players e.g. Minanda, Castolo, Espimas, etc. This is my situation:

Funds - 6060
Team Salary - 8872

Here is the shortlist of players I have drawn up & I need to know who you guys think I should buy based on my current situation and roughly how much I should offer for them & how much wages I should pay. The shortlist is sorted in order of value:

CMF - J. De Guzman - 378pts
CMF - Kharja - 377pts
GK - Rybka - 364pts
CB - Cristian Zapata - 364pts
ST - Dos Santos - 356pts
CF - Al-Kahtani - 356pts
WG - C.Y. Park - 350pts
CMF - E.Y. Lee - 350pts
OMF - Matsui - 350pts
SB - Kaebi - 350pts
DMF - Matuidi - 350pts
SMF - J.S. Park - 350pts
GK - Y.K. Kim - 350pts
DMF - H. Lee - 350pts
CB - J.K. Kim - 350pts
SMF - Franck Songo'o - 350pts
CF - Okaka - 350pts
CMF - Joao Moutinho - 339pts
CB - Garay - 338pts
CF - Obinha - 332pts
OMF - Nuri Sahin - 332pts
CMf - Aissati - 302pts

Please help me as I need to make the rights signings if I am to avoid a Game Over!
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