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Modded XBOX and PES5 (High Def question)

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22 March 2003
I'm getting a new HD telly and was wondering if anyone takes advantage of a modded XBOX's ability to output HD?

Does it work with PES5?

Any advice?



you can play it in 480p, just looks slightly better colours are better are sharper but nothing major.


League 2
26 December 2004
Yes I've experienced the same when switching to NTSC. I've recently bought a new HDTV (ATEC 37') and the picture is almost too sharp.. :lol: But it's easy to see that PES5 on xbox and a HDTV is'nt exactly WOW! I'll guess next release on xbox360 will be more adapted to the HDTV format.. I've also tried the patched default.xbe mentioned earlier in the thread, but it did'nt do that much, though it became a little sharper, but not by much..
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