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Monday, pes5 online update day, did u get promoted??


3 October 2003
hey, just wondering how yous all did...

i started online last monday or tuesday i think, so i had time to get the points before update day...

i went direct from amateur league up to division 2 :) i was surprised and happy about this, im sure its common though, and even from amateur to div 1.

50% win rate, 60 games, 30win, 18draw 12 lost :P

everyone have a good day? anyone relegated hehehe that would be shameful...

and still that spanish parallilili or whatever is rank 1, i think addicted or something, noway u can play that many games in such a short space of time, and have a life :) i want to play him though.


30 July 2003

still in the top500 of second dev. and this is al due to the fact i have so less time to play ;)

yesterday again 5 games, 5 won but 200 points short to go higher...


I started playing friday and was promoted from amature to 3A...I was pretty surprised since I played so little...
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