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Most goals ever scored in a season with on player on PES

northern canary

30 May 2005
Whats the most you have ever scored in a season with a particular player? At the moment iv scored 32 and thats 1 match after the mid season break.

(Sorry, meant with "one player")


Retired Kit Maker
30 April 2006
The Outback - Australia!
go go go gunners!
i scored 27 with henry in the first season. which i think in total is like 15 matches i think. not too sure though

atm i'm on 41 with henry and about 21 with fred (best SS i've ever bought).


I got to 17 with Castolo (default player) in the first season. Quite good seeing that the defaults are shit.

northern canary

30 May 2005
I finished the season with 56 goals in the end. Was pretty pleased with that. I wont do it again though because it takes other things away from the game.


League 2
22 December 2005
42 goals with Maradona on top player division 1 ML.

Rest of the team was crap except for Kiely (GK), Kranjcar (AM) and Kuranyi (CF)..so basically most goals where Maradona..
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