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MUST SEE: Brilliant 9 Year Old


28 September 2003
Re: Brilliant 9 Year Old

I wonder which club he would choose in his future.


member since nov 2001
20 November 2001
the video in danwins thread is dead, so thanks a lot for that sulph!
and that kid is amazing - he looks like a cross between ronaldinho and rivaldo
imagine if he can live up to his undoubted potential!!!


3 May 2004
aye, he looks very good, i know ten years old who can play like that around here, but he doesn't pass something which he needs to work on but then again if you can rip people like that who needs to pass, my best mate can also play like that but he's 16 so nothing to shout about there hehe


At the end it says a weird thing about him playing like Ronaldinho.


He needs to pass more, all the oter kids he is playing against are terrible by the looks of things. i tell you he wont be able to go past professional players like that in the future.
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