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my laptop doesnt like my 2nd HDD. Help Please.


League 2
8 July 2003
I recently purchased a HDD (S-ATA 160gb) to replace my second HDD(60gb) for my laptop.

however it doesnt like it.
Im no expert with these things, so i hav questions.

In the Bios - it states that HDD-1 and HDD-2 are both RAID-1. Is this a problem?
It says i hav to reinstall OS if i change the HDD state. This message scares me. :(

Also, Under STATUS - it says 'FAILED'. Is this because its not configed properly or a hardware fault?

as for WindowsXP...it doesnt even detect that there is a second HDD in. So selecting it to format is out of the question.

hope someone can help me - Thanks!.
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