My local shop offers updated strips etc for xbox 360, can this be done??


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9 February 2005
i was in town the other day and i noticed a sign in a shop window saying that if you have a mem card for the 360 you can take it to them and they will put the correct strips etc for pro 6 on it??? can this be done?? the shop was closed or i would have question'd the guy. i will be goin bk in town this weekend hopefully and see what its all about and get it done if they can do it.

Chris Davies

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14 May 2003
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For the PS2 they can, for the 360 they can't (unless the guy who owns the shop is a hex-editing genius and has discovered a way to do it that he refuses to release to the editing scene). Is there a possibility you've misread it?


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9 February 2005
i doubt i have misread but they maybe doin it to get you in to the store, then explain otherwise. but i will defo go back down 2moro and ask about it. i think also it is wrong cause any breakthough would be on hear first i imagine


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26 December 2004
Anyone who knows what gorillaunit stands for, and I'm referring to his contributions to the pes editing forum (his excellent bootpack solution), surely would'nt call him a liear.. His seen an ad for something that, if it wore true, would be heaven, thats all... Unfortunately all of us 360 PES6 owners, jump in our chairs everytime someone mentions the edit possibility...


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9 February 2005
hey i aint lying i doubt it my self just sayin its what i saw in a window of a shop knowing for selling copy games etc in the past. i havn't been able to get back down to check it out futhers as i am working my socks off, to pay for my xbox360 and new hdtv i recently bought, but i should manage to get back down on thursday and if i do and the ad is still there, i will take a photo of it regardless of wether they can actually do it or its just a scam to get u into ther shop or a plan to sell of their stock of mem cards for the 360 as it states you must have one


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29 June 2005
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:lol: :lol: Damn this thread is soo funny u guys should'a kept on going and see how far it


Maybe coz they ask for a MEMORY CARD and are giving you an updated option file :)


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28 February 2002
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Just so you could transport an option file though presumably not a big fake one that these shops are promising.


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21 August 2006
I beleive you can transfer the old xbox pes5 option file to xbox360 to play with the backwards compatibility, did you mistake 5 for 6?
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