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My Opinion on WE9

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1 March 2004
As usual, the comments expressed on these boards are typical of each release. I personally share a lot of the negative and positive vibes of the game and since Im already used to the cpu cheats it doesnt really bother me that much. So I wouldnt dwell on the vexing aspects of the game...

I have had the game for about 3 weeks or so and I have to say Im pleased with it although the improvement from the previous iteration isnt exactly galactic. Still, Konami managed to freshen up the game in subtle ways that have a lasting impact.

ML is of course the meat of the game and the totality of the small improvements make a real impact to ML. Being a WE self confessed addict (I play WE/PES 90% of my time on the PS2) its much more challenging to play the ML through and through. Because what keeps me going in the ML is the development of players and winning available tournaments, I have to say WE9 did well. Players get fatigued quite quickly hence a large bench would be more functional than in previous versions of the game. Now I can have 9 growth players that I will actually be forced to use over the course of the season due to injuries, suspensions, 'player departure', and fatigue. The transfer market market has become more meaningful.

I believe it is a shared opinion that the learning curve of this game is longer than previous ones. The past 3 or 4 games in the series only required me to play about 1 top-flight season on 5 stars before upping the difficulty level while on this version, Im in my 3rd season in division 1, still on 5 stars and 1 D2 cup to show for my efforts. Its wonderful I tell you.

More thoughts to follow as I get to know the game better...


2 August 2003
?uesto said:
More thoughts to follow as I get to know the game better...

I cant wait!

on a serious note, i havent been able to get into an ML but where you mention things such as having a bigger bench, it makes me want to start a game now.

Infact i am loading up my game as we speak

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