Napoleon Dynamite

Super Quinninho

Sunderland A.F.C
11 March 2003
Sunderland A.F.C
Flawl3ssCowb0y said:
I have heard great things about this film but not gotten around to watching it yet. Whats it about exactly? Without giving too much away tho
Just about a young lad called Napoleon, the film isnt about one thing really it just follows him through a few weeks at school ultimating in his friend running for school president

Its the little bits of dialogue that make the film, and the characters are brilliant


Oak Hard
1 December 2003
There's some great acting in this film, it's a bizarre beauty. I've never really seen a film that you could compare this to.


I've been dying to see this, it'll have to wait 'til DVD release though I think. Anyone know when it's due? Last I heard it was April.


LOL remember when the uncle throw the Steak to the face of Napoleon on his friends BIKE LOL that was so funny.

Super Quinninho

Sunderland A.F.C
11 March 2003
Sunderland A.F.C
Kip is my favourite character

"Napoleon, you know im training to be a cage fighter"

"Shutup Kip! You have like the worst reflexes of all time"



2 August 2003
its the most pointless film ever made

and your all just jealous because ive been chatting to hot babes online all day


15 April 2003
csaunders said:
rushmore... and rushmore is better IMO
Yeah, I agree. Good movie - similar to Dazed and Confused in that there's no real plot of such but something minor (like the election) to just let the movie flow.

I'm glad the writers didn't fall pray to pop culture, for the most part. I think everyone foresaw his brother turning into a 'thug gangsta' in a poorer film and for it to happen was very lame.

Still, good film.


Wolves Scum
16 January 2005
I loved this film as well, so funny, even though nothing really happens, it's just the characters, can't even pick a favoutrite one cause they're all so damn funny in their own way. Only down side is as said above with Kip turning all gangsta, too predictable....prrt...

Made me laugh seeing the main female character in it, she's the little girl from waterworld :shock: I think it was just the reminder of that joke of a film which made me chuckle.


Milanista said:
Do people know that the blonde girl in Napoleon Dynamite is Hilary Duff's(Aka Lizzy Mcguire) sister?
yea, i knew it as soon as she appeared on stage, and im like "man she looks familiar" and i soon remembered seeing the duff sisters in that music video of their's. haily duff, i think is her name, but imo, hilary is just a little hotter, but probably just as blonde (intelligence wise)


ps in an interview with a DJ in a toronto music station, hilary said "my most embarrasing moment? umm ... ok, so you know like, i was walking in like, my high heels right? and so i was walking like a little too like, fast? so i tripped on one of those like ... like ... *blushes* what are they called again?"
DJ says "a speedbump? *smiling*"
hilary "OH YEA! thats it! like, that was like, sooooooo embarrasing"


Ninja Samurai
2 February 2003
London, UK
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