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29 July 2003
Amadora, Portugal
SL Benfica
If you're a basketball fan, and you have a 360, you have to get this game! It's amazing. We have to wait until the 27th (one month after the American release, oh well), but it'll be worth it.

Great gameplay, incredible animations, dozens and dozens of players with their signature shots and animatios... it's NBA heaven.

As images speak louder than words, and a video speaks louder than images, check this: > 2K7 Video <

Truly next gen. :)


Retired Footballer
15 March 2003
IGN NBA2K7 Preview

Speaking of taking advantage of the PS3's power, the team has been using the computational power of the system to enhance a large number of the standard features that the game is known for. For instance, the cloth physics of jerseys and shorts has been assigned to one SPU on the PS3 instead of multiple cores on the 360 so that it can move more realistically than ever without taking away processing power for the rest of the game. But you'll find that there's just as much realism off the court in the PS3 version than on the court. Instead of running cutscenes during timeout situations, the development team has created real time AI that governs the cheerleaders, mascots, floor cleaners and even the crowd. For example, during a game between Dallas and Miami at the American Airlines Arena, we noticed Burnie, the Heat mascot doing much more than simply dancing on the sideline; he would run under Dallas' basket and actively try to distract shooters at the free throw line, and he had new dance sequences during timeouts.
Visually, the game has been taken up to a new level, particularly in how the game action is rendered. Not only have the in-game visuals been beefed up thanks to the power of the system, but according to Thomas, the way the PS3 renders pixels gives the game a richer appearance than the 360 version. It looks much more organic and lifelike, and if you thought you were watching a real game on the 360, just wait till you see it on the PS3

Thanks airjoca, sfc-tsubasa and Tiberius


Retired Footballer
15 March 2003
I don't want buy it, because for me Basketball "video games" are little boring, (i'm not a specialist like you or Enestito) but this game look awesome, i want a PES/WE with this graphics !!

PS: KB8 & R10, i prefer L.James and Henry ;) (Henry good friend of T.Parker and Steve Nash)


4 December 2004
Deportivo Toluca FC
This is the best baketball series ever, way ahead of the NBA live series which only looks good in screenshots. (I hope the NBA never sells its right unlike the NFL)

I hope you can shoot free throws using the buttons instead of having to take the shoot yourself, because you look like an idiot doing free throws in front of the TV especially if people who aren't gamers are nearby. (in reference to the PS3 versions)


League 2
3 July 2006
Ofcourse i already know that NBA 2k series is tha best around for ps2 also as i own it on ps2.. nba live cant get close to it in anyway.. nba 2k is tha best in everything.. i already have nba 2k6 and cant wait to get nba 2k7 which will be released in PAL after just 2 weeks so i can play online with it against u europe ppl.. cant wait.. no big delay this time.. its definately a must get if u r trying to compare this with nba live


13 August 2002
New York
I want to use the controller like that with all the moves. Also they should implement this with the PES and WE so you can tie controllers to your legs and do the moves yourself.


Lol at Dermot :) what a piss taker you are but you make me crack up!

I think that free throwing with the PS3 controller has potential but I can see it getting very frustrating indeed (a bit like real basketball when you miss free throws.)



ManUnited academy
29 June 2005
Manchester United
Yeah i agree, but imo thats the whole point, if its predetermined, then freethrows become boring and fixed/scripted(?), but i think this should bring back the excitment in freethrows as its more realistic than ever


I hope so, I dont mind just using the analog stick and making sure you get the timing and direction of your throw right. I think that is non determinalistic....



27 April 2002
Stupid thing is, the way he is shooting is just a gimmick. All you have to do is tilt the pad forward, his whole free throw action has no bearing on the shot at all, it only detects the initial forward movement.


Bungie's Bitch
28 August 2002
JayD said:
Stupid thing is, the way he is shooting is just a gimmick.
The whole "tilt" technology is a gimmick. It will be a gimmick on the Wii and on the PS3. There will only be a handful of games which implement this technology correctly, the rest will be last minute after thoughts by the developers.


Sony with the PS3 'stole' the technology from Nintendo's WII thats blantantly obvious lol just like the Rumbling in the joypads which they got their knuckles wrapped for.

The tilt idea could be good if they have a game which makes full use of it.



24 April 2006
Here and there.
Arsenal, FC Porto
I don't know if its me but NBA2K7 looks much better on 360. Players models look just amazing.. and the in game pics look better from 360 then PS3.

And all these signature moves, dunks, shots are old news. 360 already offers that.
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