Need Help : Fernando's Patch file


12 December 2001
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Here's a basic patching guide

You will need to burn it onto a blank DVD, it has nothing to do with memory cards.

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9 August 2004
If you spend 2 minutes to look around you will see there are enough guides to help you. Its very lazy to join and simply post asking for instructions.

It would have been quicker than typing out your post.

You need a program called ppf-o-matic v3.0. Dont ask where to find it, search on Google, its very useful.

Get a CLEAN WE9 iso image. Open ppf-o-matic selct your iso (we9) and your ppf patch (Fernando) and then click apply.

Its that easy.

Burn using Nero or DVD Decrypter and play.
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4 August 2004
I also need some help i do everything then when i try to burn do a dvd i won't let me does anyone know what to do


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2 February 2003
London, UK
You'll need to be a bit more specific about what happens. What program are you trying to burn with? Do you have a dvd-writer? Do you have a blank DVDR in the drive?

Being vague will not get anyone anywhere fast ;)
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