Need Help please (Loading Formation question)


Chelsea 4 life
7 April 2005

I have a problem when i go to start a new league, cup etc. I been editing my formations, starting line ups etc. And for some reason when i go to Start a new league or cup, the squads upload correctly, but the starting 11's are all out of place. So when i go to start a new league all the opposition teams are incorrect and its starting to get on my nerves.

Has any one else had the same problem? and if so how do i fix it ? Thanks


12 August 2003
Yes I noticed the same thing, I'm using Kosos Club V0.7+SeZu National Team V3 option file and when playing a league or cup the squads are correct but the starting lineup is the default one, on friendly matches it works fine.


Ninja Samurai
2 February 2003
London, UK
Hmmmm, try using the function where you auto-sort the opposition team to play their best players. (better than nothing)
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