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Need Help With PES6 Crash's


League 1
5 November 2003
Need Help With PES6 Crash's

(nothing to do with kit/stadium server as it happens even with KS/Server off)

Here are some of the things that happen.

1.Game freezes and then the screen goes blank, game comes back up and plays on.

2.Game freezes screen goes blank, game comes back up but still frozen goes blank again, and then the monitor reboots and stays blank with the power light at amber.

Sound of the commentators in the back ground and if I press the pause button on my pad you hear the click of the ingame menu coming up and click the start button again and the commentators come back. Even pressing the buttons you can hear the ball being played about.

A couple of times the in this state the monitor has click on and the game plays on as it was in the background anyway.

3. All of the above, but the monitor does not come back up.

4. All of the above, the screen stays blank and you get a high pitched screaching noise and the PC reboots.

I can get 3/4/5 games and so on and nothing will happen , then anywhere from 3/4 seconds to 5/6minutes after kickoff any of the above happen.

its the only game this happens with ... pes6 none of my other game ..

P4 2ghz
80Gb Seagate HD
ATI x1650 Pro 512mb
500Watt PS
Win XP Home SP2

I wiped my HD and installed a fresh copy of XP, now the only thing apart from XP and VMs anti-virus on my PC is PES6.

It has to be something with my PES6, its freezing the game and rebooting my monitor and at times my PC. Sometimes I'll get away with the freeze and blank screen when the game comes back on..

I don't have the tech know how to figure out why this is happening.

thanks ...
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