need to find a good team!


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1 April 2005
Me & my mates always have had about 4 teams each that we use in PES/WE games but since Juventus were relegated my mates have allowed me to choose possibly two more teams to replace them as my mates realise that there is not much options left for me so I can have two teams. Here are the teams that I already have:
Real Madrid

My mates have these teams so dont use any of these for suggestions:
AC Milan
Manchester United
Bayern Munich
AS Roma

I want at least 2 new teams but I want these teams to be decent teams with good player & I would preferably want ambitious teams who would regularly spend money to improve ther squads as I will be using these teams from now on in the PES/WE series! So far the only two teams I can really think of who may be acceptable are Villareal & Ajax. Please give me some good suggestions! Thanks!


10 July 2006
Sydney, Australia
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mate i love the topic of this thread. In pro evo 5 i've never used ajax dont know why lol. Yeah i will say PSV because they have awesome wing play and there formation is good. In my opinon i think psv have got a overall good team to use against ur mates. And the next team i would say is Tottenham hotspurs. Well hope this helps u out. By the way which PES/WE do you have???


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13 August 2003
Atletico Madrid is great if you add new transfers also Lyon is great and With Duff and Martins Newcastle is stronger
But Inter is the best one if you add Vieira,IBrahimovic,Crespo,Grosso etc.


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29 January 2006
Yeh try some team like Hamburg, Villareal, Atletico, Zaragoza, who arnt very strong, but still good teams


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6 April 2004
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Try to play with Fiorentina, it's extremelly dangerous if you play in counter-attack or long pass with Toni, Bojinov and Panzinni. :thumbup:
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