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Soccer Shout

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Soccer Shout is the fan-focused football podcast.

Think of it as a cross between a radio phone-in show and an audio letters page.

Every week we will be asking you, the listener, to call in with your match reports, your comments on the footballing week, your stories, your jokes, and whatever else you want to get off your chest.

And every week we will take the best bits and put them into a brand new podcast.

Its an audacious experiment in collaborative new-media. Or maybe just a bunch of footy fans sounding-off on whatever is on their mind.

There are three ways you can get involved with Soccer Shout: Listen, contribute, and help spread the word.

1) How to listen

Its completely free to listen to Soccer Shout. We will be putting the show together every Sunday night so there will be a fresh one waiting for you on Monday morning.

You can listen to the podcast by subscribing in iTunes or another podcatcher using our feed - . Every time there is a new show, it will be automatically downloaded onto your computer and then onto your MP3 player (if you have one).

Another way is to download the audio file each week from the website - . You can listen to it on your computer or manually transfer it to your MP3 player.

2) How to contribute.

If you have got something to say, say it to us. We will listen. And then we will string all the good bits together to make a snazzy new podcast.

We want - no, we need your rants and rambles, your triumphs and your tragedies, your jokes and your jibes. If you have got a match report, an insightful comment or just a spleen that needs to be well and truly vented, then get in touch.

The first show is going out on Monday, February 13th. We put the show together the last thing on Sunday so we can include all the best bits of the weekend. The show will be going out weekly after that so keep the calls coming.

Here is how to do it:

- By calling 0161-660-8331 in the UK and leaving a voicemail.

- By calling 206-337-0513 in the USA and leaving a voicemail.

- By making a recording on your own computer and e-mailing it to .

- By sending an e-mail to (but then you will have to listen to me reading it out - and trust me, this is definitely the fifth-best option).

(Regular calling rates apply to the first two options - the rest are free).

3) Spreading the word.

Please help spread the word. The show is going to be made up entirely of listener contributions. The more listeners we have, the more contributions we will get, and we will take the best of the best to create the coolest show we possibly can.

We really need your help here. This is essentially a hobby and we do not have a budget for advertising or marketing. The only way we can do it is with your help.

So if you think the show is fun, or could be fun given a little room to grow, please let your friends know about it.


What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is a method of publishing audio content via the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed of new files. Although the word podcast marries the words iPod and broadcast, anyone with a computer can listen to podcasts, but the addition of an MP3 player allows podcasting content to be portable and listened to virtually anywhere.

Podcasts themselves are radio shows you can download and listen to where-ever and when-ever you want. Listeners can download individual shows directly from the show website, but most use podcatching software that enables nearly any portable device or desktop computer to download and play podcasts on demand. These podcast aggregators allow the listener to subscribe to their favourite shows, similar to Tivo/Sky+, and new podcast episodes are downloaded when they become available. The most popular of these programs is iTunes 4.9.
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