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Hello this is the new videos thread, as the old one was by ha@@an or whatever he's called. Since he's gone now this is the new thread for football videos.

I take requests for your information.

***AC Milan Vs Olympique Lyon***
Champions League, 1/4 final, 2nd leg

San Siro
7:30 uk
2nd leg

1 - 0 Inzaghi
click here
1 - 1 diarra
click here
2 - 1 Inzaghi
click here
3 - 1 shevchenko
click here

Inzaghi Chance
click here
dida show
click here
juninho free kick
click here
Run by serginho
click here
fred pass
click here

These goals and highlights are just of the lyon fixture. more to come later.

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