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10 June 2003
LOS ANGELES (June 10) - 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures are teaming up to make a feature film adaptation of the Microsoft video game "Halo."

Negotiations still were under way late Thursday, but under the deal, Universal will take domestic rights and Fox will handle international on the project. Further components could be included in the agreement.

The deal -- based on a script by "28 Days Later" scribe Alex Garland -- caused a stir earlier in the week when Garland's agents at Creative Artists Agency sent it out via a messenger clad in a "Halo"-esque green costume. The deal came bearing some pretty stiff terms, including a two-hour bidding period and demands for a $10 million advance against 15% of the gross. The script was commissioned by Microsoft, which also brought in producer Peter Schlessel to work on the project.

The town balked at the conditions, and the current deal is said to be much less than those initial demands.

Thanks to the large fan base created by the 2001 "Halo" game, "Halo 2," which shipped in the fall, sold 2.4 million units worldwide in its first 24 hours. "Halo 2" generated $125 million in sales in its first day and has gone on to sell more than 6.6 million units worldwide. The "Halo" franchise has topped sales of 13 million worldwide, generating more than $600 million in four years.

Microsoft purchased game developer Bungie in June 2000 specifically for the "Halo" game it was developing at the time.

The "Halo" sci-fi video game franchise tells the story of Master Chief, a superwarrior bred for combat. As humanity's last defense against an invading alien race known as the Covenant, Master Chief has almost single-handedly saved the world twice. The first game marooned Master Chief and a squad of Marines on an ancient ring world called Halo 04, where they defeat the aliens, led by the Arbiter, and blow up the planet.

"Halo 2" expanded the story line to include both the human perspective and the Covenant view of the war. The game features epic battles on Earth between hundreds of thousands of Marines and invading Covenant armies, a Covenant capital ship called High Charity and another ring world called Halo 05. The story allows players to step into the role of the alien Arbiter, the same creature Master Chief defeated in the first game.

In addition to being a great first-person shooter for Xbox, the "Halo" games won over a large worldwide audience with beautiful graphics, intuitive gameplay and an engaging story line -- much of which unfolded through in-game cinematics. "Halo 3" is expected to ship next year for Microsoft's next-generation console, Xbox 360, which will bring high-definition graphics to the game's alternate universe.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter


Damn, i was gonna be suspect of any Halo movie being worthy of my time, but if Alex Garland is writing the script, it should be sweet.


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28 August 2002
Peter Jackson and his partner Fran Walsh will be Exec Producers for the new Halo Movie. They also bring with them the WETA team for all the visual effects.

To say my interest has increased 100x because of this is an understatement.


out the window
8 August 2003
Madeira, Portugal.
FC Porto
Yeah, but don't get to excited. Gamezmovies do not mean a great movie. countless examples can be found. But I since Peter Jackson joined, maybe there is hope. :)


League 2
10 June 2003
Article in me Chicago Tribune says:

- Peter Jackson and wife have signed on as exec producers (they will also provide script dev. consultation)

- seven figure advance against gross points

-- Jackson will not direct

-- Halo will be shot entirely in New Zealand, where WETA will provide f/x

-- Microsoft already getting 10 percent of gross against a $5 million advance

-- Alex Garland got $1 mil from Microsoft to pen adaptation - he's revising script, which got "mixed reactions."

-- search is on for director. production is hoped to start in spring 06 for a summer 07 release

-- Staten, writer of Halo 2, and Parsons, Bungie Studios manager, are flying to New Zealand this week to discuss the movie with Jackson.

Sometime tells me this whole project is gonna be "storied" -- delayed production, a fired director or two, massive script re-writes which ultimately fuck so many movies up, etc., etc.

Jackson's got other project commitements but you'd think he'd eventually wanna take an even greater role to see this project realized considering his WETA and post production companies are so heavily involved.

Hope I'm wrong.


League 2
10 June 2003
Milanista said:
Alex Garland did The Beach and 28 days later.
Didn't know that - The Beach was an interesting, yet fucked up movie script-wise.

Now, I'm definetly predicting massive screenplay re-writes for Halo.

Some of the stories about re-writes in hollywood are legendary. Studios drop a million bucks on a re-write, like it was nothing, only to have it completely scrapped the next day, and re-written half-a-dozen times more by as many writers. And on and on.
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