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New Kits


Retired Footballer
15 March 2003
Manchester United home 20/21

Manchester City Away 20/21

Dortmund third 20/21 :SICK:

Tottenham away 20/21

FC Barcelona away 20/21
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Retired Footballer
15 March 2003
Liverpool home and away 20/21

Atletico Madrid away 20/21

Zenith home and away 20/21

Celta Vigo home and away

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Flipper the Priest

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15 July 2003
Since my last post, only Roma and Zenit pass the test. A lot of ugly, ugly shirts this coming season. Special mentions to Liverpool, Celtic and Dortmund.


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3 August 2003

Drying my dishes with the inter shirt, then drying my hands with this abomination, this looks like the early Warrior travesties...

I think both home and away look nice for Liverpool, still there seems to be a lack of detail in the home shirt sold to consumers, there probably was that with the New Balance stuff as well, but it never seemed quite this noticable.


People are buying this for a lot of money, just make the same shirt for everybody, you cheap f*cks
I suppose that sown in stuff will at least keep through multiple washes, that's something. But my Adidas shirts are top quality and they last for bloody ages, I would expect Nike to be at the same level.


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30 August 2005
Too many!
It's always been like that, also for football shoes.
Look at the adidas Nitrocharge: they came in three tiers, from the "entry level" one which was super affordable to the "real thing" on that would cost an arm and a leg.
Adidas does that too, they release two versions of the kit: the "replica" one (sold to fans) and the "authentic" one (which costs more or less like one and a half replica kits but, according to them, is the exact same shirt that gets issued to the players). Many of the differences are in the fabric (especially in the capacity to reduce heat):

I'm not saying this is correct or fair, but I always found it sensible at least when it happened to boots (not everybody would spend 200+ euros on a pair of shoes which he'll use three to four hours a week for a couple of seasons).
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