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New Launcher Available



Pescup.com allows to meet adversaries online in order to play to Pro Evolution Soccer 4 and Winning 8 Eleven International (version PC).
Every month comes disputed a competition, in order to participate it must record themselves in the forum and make the download of the pes4/we8 launcher.
On the launcher it must use the user and the password of the forum.
Rooms International available (International Rooms Available):
italian, english, french, deutsche, spanish, russian, us, portuguese, swedish, norwegian, polish, brazilian, danish, czech, japanese, ungarian.

IT DOES NOT HAVE TO SEND REPORT Or OTHER, the launcher of pescup saves scores and the images of the goal on the web, ranking are updated automatically.

the site
the ranking
the match played and in progress
example of one screenshot send to the web by the launcher

the launcher
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