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Rául 10

30 July 2003
ok so ive decided im going to spend around £400 on a new pc
been looking at this one
Will be used for mainly surfing and using msn, whilst running FM2007 usually, also playing some pro evo and maybe a fps like medal of honour

what do you guys think for the price ?
i would prefer to buy from mesh as the computer i have now is mesh and has never let me down before, and also are any parts of the pc worth upgrading ? becuase it can be customised quite alot (things im not sure about are the graphics and processor) ram hdd dvd drive all upto scratch for me
*can upgrade to
512MB DDR2 nVIDIA GeForce 7300GS
for £35 extra, worth it ?'

altho i could always do it myself but not sure if its cheaper

thanks to anyone who replys
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