New player for PC PES6 ;)


2 November 2006
Hello fellow gamers!

Ive been playing PES since PES2 but always on Playstation2 ;) But now I decided to get PES6 + a gamepad for my PC and are excited about begin playing!

I looked at the Editing parts of this forum and found a patch that seems to suit me, the Evolution Patch 1.3.

The things is, when I read it and try to figure out how to install all the things and get all that stuff that I want.

What are the things I need to install? In the download links they link 100 different files to download that are named g_text, 0_text and all that... Im confused! I dont have any clue what to download and "how" to install it :S

I mean, I have a clean PES6 install, I have not installed any addons/mods or anything like that.

The main question is, where can I learn about all this and get a picture of it so I can install addons like Evolution Patch?

The thing im most after is real names of the players and real colors and stuff of em ;)

Sorry for starting a new thread, but I tried finding a "Newbie FAQ" but couldnt find anything..

please fellow gamers ;) help me!

(I have no intention of playing online, just with friends and starting a ML on my PC)

// Jonio


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23 October 2004
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If you have no intention of playing online, then you can mess about with PES6 PC as much as you want! There are many different things you can do, it's hard to tell you where to start. For example, you can have many different stadiums, many different adboards, up to date kits and boots, new start screens, themes etc. My own PES6PC has a Liverpool theme which can be found on these forums, over 100 stadiums, over 100 balls (only play with one!), with adboards much better than Konami default ones. For example, I have both old and new Wembley with appropriate adboards (new Wembley has electronic ones for me) as well as new Emirates. You can also change logo's, emblems, scoreboards etc.

I suggest downloading kitserver somewhere from here and messing about. I also suggest Game Graphic Studio and Dkz studio 0.92b(?) for tweaking with settings. Also, if you just want correct kits etc, it might be easier just to get an option file.

For the more ambitious types, Fifa commentary has also been a possibility to put into the game , as well as chants and different banners.

Good luck and have fun.:)
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