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New Seabass Interview! PS3, Xbox 360 + more!



Hey guys,

Riot just sent me a translated version of his interview with Seabass from not so long ago.

heres the link : http://pelaajalehti.com/2006/11/23/seabass-pes6-ps3-interview/

Theres some great news about how the PS3 version is getting on, and also tells of his own dissaticfaction with the 360 version. Definately worth a look.

Just a note: could people plz refrain from pasting the interview in these forums. Its a rule that the info from their site cant be copy and pasted without permission. Riot asked me to put this messege accross. Thanks for your co-operation! ;)

And as ever, thank you Riot once again for the scoop!

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Thanks for posting. For info, the translated version begins about half-way down the page.

Interesting to read that he acknowledges FIFA is ahead in the usual areas (gfx, sound, licenses) but also accepts the gameplay is now not too far behind.

Also, it suggests they finally revamp the master league and konami cup options.

However, no mention of full analogue control - surely not still only 8 directions of movement and scripted passing speed and direction on next-gen?


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18 March 2006
However, no mention of full analogue control - surely not still only 8 directions of movement and scripted passing speed and direction on next-gen?
This is one of my main gripes aswell. I do not like closed systems where the AI decides speed, directions, and also heights (on shots, lobs, lofted through-passes etc). In my opinion an open-ended analog system is much better since everyone can freely decide what types of passes they want to do, or exactly where that 50-meter long pass should end up, instead of KONAMI making those decisions for us by only allowing one speed, height etc for different passes and lobs.

Not to mention the PES6 Freekicks are totally crap and completely unrealistic (specifically the goalies reaction speed and movement scheme when saving).


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21 April 2003
Sounds like an open inventation to PLF regarding the stats issue. :)

I dont get bold over the remarks of Seabass, he is promising and promising but he hasn't proved anything last years. I am quite fed up with Seabass. Let's hope next-gen will be so much better and really an improvement. I think he owes that to the community.


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5 August 2005
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not much in that interview that i aint read elsewhere.


18 June 2005
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Well I se a positive attitude from seabuss, If he knows that Fifa is catching up he now has pressure and cant stay relax.

All those who in past sad that Konami was not putting their 100% in the new releases of PES were right! Seabuss sad we cant relax so thas what they actually did in all these last years, Relax , and now Fifa is right after them, they have to move now.

This is a positive thing because we know Seabuss and Konami can deliver if they have passion in this game.
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