New Sega Football Game



Lets Make A Soccer Team was rubbish though I thought.



17 July 2004
sega worldwide soccer was a good game for saturn ! let's hope they make something good for the new consoles !


WWS was indeed decent, me and a mate of mine spent lots of time playing WWS97 on the Saturn :) at the time even that was better than FIFA.


Greek WE Maniac
7 September 2004
Konami has srtolen alot from WWS on saturn to make the First ISS pro EVO on PSone! Sega has potential but they dont use it! They have good graphics(look the Virtua Strike series) and they cant copy the WE series Gameplay???? Or create something new, a real good looking and playable soccer Game???

After years in WE series, i need something new, the last step forward (in graphics) was WE8, after this only small updates!

PES on 360 is a desaster a 40% finished game for next Gen makes me angry!Also the Fifa series can make a real improvement, they start going to simulation but Gmeplay still stand far away from a great soccer Game!

Who will create the realy next Step footi game??? i think konami, with WE on PS3!And if Konami has no other Game near their Gameplay they can sell us every year same shit as PES6!!!
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