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New stars


21 November 2004
who do you think are going to be the new master league stars on winning eleven 9.Nasri, ben arfa, pecci?


League 1
9 September 2003
Real Madrid
sergio ramos is a star if you leave him at sevilla a few years then buy him because the computer can increase there growth quicker


I say POMATSKI from GER great player, can play CMF/OMF/WF.


Pa D CFC said:
I say POMATSKI from GER great player, can play CMF/OMF/WF.
Do you mean Lukas PODOLSKI from cologne mate? I would say he´s more a CF, but he can also be used as an OMF and maybe a WF. Great player - superb technique, strong body and also fast - u can compare him with Wayne Rooney. Very calm in front of the goal, uses almost every chance he gets.
I hope konami increases his skills in WE9!!


Proud member since 2002
2 November 2002
Sporting Lokeren
Libermann, Jaric, Giersen, Ruskin, Dodo, Fouque, Ordaz, Hamsun, Stein.

These are our new Master league default youngsters. :D


8 August 2004
Shevchenko 7 said:
I would say Melivskyi from ukrain
Pelle & Marzoratti ....
Where are Pelle and Marzoratti? They are not included in the game as far as I know.


League 1
14 August 2003
Don't know whether they are in the game or not yet as I haven't gotten my Magic Swap delivered yet :( But I'll be creating them if they haven't already;

Cicinho (Sao Paulo)

Dagoberto Palentier (Can't remember)

Diego de lima Barcelos (Internacional)

Chiquinho (Internacional)

Kerlon de lima Barcelos (Cruzeiro)


League 1
14 August 2003
Podolski is a sure bet for my first team as well, he is a promising striker (if nothing particularly spectacular). Then there is Ramos whos previous seasons performances and heightened interest should have helped garnered a more respectable array of attributes than was previously the case. Jesus Navas is a particularly promising free roaming striker as well, I can't remember whether he was given his due in the previous games though?

Plenty more of course but these are the ones off the top of my head that mostly haven't been mentioned already.

What about Anthony Vanden Borre - he should be old enough for the game now. I've never seen him play but his FM attributes are very promising and I've heard a lot of good things. Same goes for Naldo who recently got his transfer to a European club - that should bode well as I always thought he looked a solid defender.


18 January 2003
Mashcerano - River
Robinho - Santos
Rivaldo B./Giovanni
Farfan - PSV
Coe - PSV
Alan Smith - MU
Heitinga - Ajax
Maxwell - Ajax
Sneijder - Ajax
de Ridder - Ajax
Cavenaghi - Secret Player


18 January 2003

Stekelenburg - Ajax
Maxwell - Ajax
Pienaar - Ajax
Rosales - Ajax
Kallstrom - Swedish
Kranjcar - Croatian
Kaabi - Iraian


8 April 2005
My master league wanted list contains at the moment:

Vanden Borre
Park Chu Young
Ross Wallace
Mc Geady

Started with Man U so have a few gems also in Pique, Rossi and the obvious ones of Rooney also Ronaldo.

Also think Park Ji Sung's stats are amazing in this game.

I'm sure a few more gems will pop up the longer I play.
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