New wireless router not working


26 August 2006
I am having real troubles getting my Dynamode R-ADSL-C4W-G working.

I have got it working through an ethernet connection so I know the router is working.

I can then get into the menu through IE as shown below

I can change settings etc so it appers that part of the router is working ok.

So now I go on to the wireless part. I dont think the router is working wireless. When I plug everything in to the Phone Jack and router the WAN light comes on and stays on. In the manual it says when the WAN light is on it means "DSL Line is trained" which I think is a good sign.

But the PPPoE light is goes red for a few seconds then goes off in the manual is states "NO PPoE link Established"

on the LAN/WIFI light there is also nothing in the manual it states "Red OFF" Wireless is not working.

I have tried 3 different cables including the one I know works as I use it for my wired modem.

Could I have connected something wrong? I can upload photos of how I have connected it if this will help

I think it is something to do with PPPoE but really I dont have a clue

Any advice would be great


5 January 2007
What service provider are you currently using? Normally if a red lights come up it means that you have put the wrong settings or in some cases you have a faulty router.
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