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NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams - Official Topic

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18 July 2003
Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Stoke City/Liverpool

Yes, official thread is mine, because I love NiGHTS more than any of you tossers. Rather than start the thread with the dodgy scans we've had, I'll post some videos of what you wankers who didn't bother buying a Saturn missed out on...


Spring Valley

Splash Garden

Mystic Forest

Frozen Bell

Soft Museum

Stick Canyon

Claris' Story/Last Boss/Ending

Elliot's Story/Last Boss/Ending


Retired AFC Chairman
9 May 2003
Leona Heights
Busan I'Park
you must be close to my age...i also bought a saturn...and honestly loved it...although i had to import alot of games from japan...(they had alot of jap exclusives back then) good to see nights coming back...classic classic game..i still have my saturn wrapped up...and my dreamcast!


29 July 2003
Amadora, Portugal
SL Benfica


"I'm holding this lovely magazine in my hand right now. I'd translate it all, but I have schoolwork to do .__. Must of the stuff they reveal in the main articel is old news by now (even if the writer is doing all but squeeing), buuuut two things in the textblurbs of the first page will make fans happy! Translation for those bits:

- The white speachbubble: "CLARIS & ELLIOT: Sega didn't want to reveal any details around the plot of the new game, but confirmed that the children who's dreams made up the levels in the first game, Claris and Elliot, are back and will play a central role."

- The textblurb "DREAMDEMON: The main character Nights is a androgynous dreamdemon who's traveling to the land Nightopia to bring down a wicked demon called Reala who has seized all of the happy dreams from all children of the world."

In short, the kids and Reala are back!

Also, from the main text: "The game is a new interpretation of the old game, even if there will of course be a lot of new stuff."

The NiD1 and NiD2 is for the two pages, the third one was an attempt to get all of the new CG pic of NiGHTS. That pic is oh so pretty, the scan doesn't do it justice *___* Lookit those eyes~

:: JJ ::

I had a Saturn all them years ago and NiGHTS was a great game, graphically one of the best games to look at and showed off the power that the Saturn really did have - shame a lot of developers didn't tap into it, typically because they found the PS1 was a much easier option! Mind you the game was developed by Sonic Team, legends!

Also had the Christmas NiGHTS disc, think I got it given to me in some shop around about the chrimbo of 1996, still got it somewhere (albeit gathering dust!).
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18 July 2003
Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Stoke City/Liverpool
Loved Christmas Nights, actually played it before Nights because it was free on the cover of the official Saturn magazine and I couldn't afford any games til Christmas :mrgreen:
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