Nike - Joga Bonito "advert"


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9 January 2004
in the boots thread
Lille, de oranje!
lol another cage type event lol

i saw some spot of it on football focus Uk with the ferdinands, rooney, ronaldo robbie keane cesc and sir alex and wenger!
hmm the battle with the +10 campaign has begun


12 December 2002
Little Mancunia
Woah.That scene where the whole brasilian team says their prayers is just immense.I dont think other teams treat football the way brasilians do,its a religion to them.Eric Cantona,forever a legend and the father of beautiful football in the Premiership.Joga Bonito!!


6 August 2004
i saw this on soccer am..i didnt realise it was the nike campaign, i thought it was some extreme football politics or something. great ad.


League 2
6 August 2003
New Jersey
AS Roma
Did you guys see the brazilian ping pong on the nike site? Do you think he was really that consistent or just good camera work?



2 August 2004
RuneEdge said:
definately a fake. theres no way he could be that good.
Hmm.. I think the same but I can't say I'm 100% sure. It could be real because it happens only 4 or so times straight not like 40 times.. in which case I'd have to say that is either dumb f'n luck or the guy is not human so def a fake.. but since it's 4 and it is Ronaldinho.. I'd say there is a small small chance he actually pulled that off! Most Probably camera work though.


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1 October 2003
Manchester United
but if it was real, he must have made some mistakes in which case he'd have to re-act that bit before the volleys where he puts on the boots and every thing.
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