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No Cd crack (sob sob sob)


Pes Fan
4 August 2004
I ve tried to find a no cd crack but no success i want it as well even if i have the original : /// i ve tried to burn it but the dvd reader has difficulties to read it strange

Bebeto 94

For the good of the game
9 November 2002
Liskeard, Cornwall
There is one as im using it but if you want to know where you will have to mail me privately as its not allowed on these forums . I have an original copy from play.com and can print my receipt and a photo of the packaging it came in as well as the game for all those who think im up to no good . I just cant be arsed to keep changing disks so i use the no cd and how many of you downloaded Wolf`s patch for PES4 ?? That has a no cd .exe !!!
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