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No Fans



I have discovered that with the default camera type during the game no fans appeared in the stadium. But during replay everything is ok. I don't know if it's a bug or graphic problem. Has anybody noticed that ?
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12 December 2001
Please do a search next time, it's been asked and answered for many times.

It's not a bug, they've done it that way to reduce slowdowns in the PS2 version of WE9 and PES5. Due to the fact that the PC and Xbox versions are simply a port of the PS2 version, it's sadly not changed even though these systems shouldn't have a problem with slowdowns at all.


18 July 2005
broadcast sucks - it makes it harder to judge passing (and makes it look as crappy as fifa!)

konami should release a patch to fix it as it akes away from in game atmosphere

I cant remember, it wasnt like that in PES4 was it?
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