No PES Demo In OPSM2!


31 January 2006
Hey guys, sorry if this is a late post but just got the new OPSM2 mag in the post and no sign of the demo at all, dunno what happened but looks as though we'll have to wait until release to play the game.:(


timsmith10000 said:
ffs wtf is going on

was there a mention at all?
they did say it would be in this months issue and usally they put all the demos they say the month before in the next months but i think he is lying cause i don't think people who subscribe to opsm2 get it a week before he may of got last months issue


31 January 2006
im not lying mate its definitely the right issue, I want a demo as much as everyone, I have'nt read the whole issue from front to back but I pretty sure there is no explanation of why is was'nt in there and they've left out the preview section for next months issue as well. The only mention they have is about the PS3 version not coming till next november under a picture of owen hargeaves crying (in the world cup) part way through.

Over on pesfan farrmark has also recieved the magazine and has also confirmed no demo, link
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5 August 2005
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got this from another forum

Ops2 78 - Reviews

Scarface: The World Is Yours - 8/10
The Sims 2 Pets - 8/10
Destroy All Humans 2 - 8/10
Kingdom Hearts II - 8/10
Tiger Woods '07 - 8/10
Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence - 9/10
50 Cent Bulletproof G Unit Edition - 6/10
Ape Academy 2 - 8/10
Ridge Racer 2 - 8/10
B-Boy - 7/10
Mercury Meltdown - 7/10
Blade Dancer Lineage Of Light - 6/10
Lego Star Wars II (PSP) - 9/10
Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party - 7/10
NBA Live 07 - 4/10
NHL '07 - 7/10
Lemmings - 6/10
Pilot Academy: 6/10
World Championship Poker 2 - 5/10
World Super Police - 2/10
Suikoden IV - 5/10
King Of Fighters Neowave - 4/10
Samurai Warriors 2 - 4/10


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Rayman Raving Rabbids
Ghost Rider
Silent Hill Origins
Call Of Duty 3
The Darkness
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Frontlines: Fuel Of War
Tony Hawks Project 8


Devil May Cry 4
Next gen racers

Cover - Scarface

all this means that it doesnt look like there will be a demo or review in the next issue of OPS2M...


It would explain as to why we dont have a PC demo yet too. Why are they doing this?



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12 October 2004
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djdoc360 said:
It would explain as to why we dont have a PC demo yet too. Why are they doing this?

Because Seabass and co are all too busy wanking over football players riding on the back of dragons.


Because Seabass has lost the plot and is too busy slagging off the Xbox 360 controller and how he didnt make a Next Gen PES for 360.... He is a PS3 lover.

7 August 2004
I thought they were supposed to have the pes6 review for this months? Last month it was fifa and it said next month pes. Although ive never bothered with the demo, have always had the game before the demo was released anyway.


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29 June 2005
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Yeah but that dosen't give konami the right to be soo big headed and soo damn ignorant!! FFS!! people have been waiting for this demo, anticipating it like thier HIV test results for time now and they end up not releasing it, because its obvious if its not out now (on OPSM"), then PS2 owners have a 12% chance of seeing the demo before the game comes out, (as there's still a chance of a PC demo). Seriously these guys have not recognised yet that there are a lot of folks buying the game partly because they enjoy it and partly to show apreciation of thier work and support them every damn year and they still act so damn unproffessional. there getting too complaisant tbh, and its not good for anybody!! Phew!! i feel soo light :lol: :mrgreen:


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10 August 2004
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I personally doubt it's complacency. I reckon Konami have bitten off perhaps a little more than they can chew this year.

Think about it. Only a few years ago PES was a PS2 exclusive, save for a rather lazy PC port of PES3. This year Seabass et al have to knock out updated PS2 and PSP builds, as well as brand new, next-gen X360 and PC versions. Not to mention the new DS version. All in all that’s a lot of dev time for a team who hitherto had a fairly evenly paced schedule. In light of this it's no surprise really that demo's etc have slipped or may not even materialise. Priorities on tweaking the final versions I guess, as it should be.

Still annoying though. I blame OPSM2 for promises they blatantly couldn't guarantee.


On PESFan a lot of the members have been stating that the demo will be out on the 5th of October, this Thursday.


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4 August 2005
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Not releasing a demo is a sign that they're unsure about response the game will get

I'm worried.


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9 February 2006
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cammeyboy said:
Because Seabass and co are all too busy wanking over football players riding on the back of dragons.
lmao :lmao: :applause: :lol: :lmao: :lol: :applause: :lmao: :applause: :lol:
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