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timo the owl

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27 June 2005
Sheffield, England
The Mighty Owls
today i played my first ever 2 games online but have to say i'm very disapointed

1st point is in the first half the pad seams to be on a differn't planet seams to take an age to pass and to move any players why is this?????

2nd point how rude are people?? the secound game i played i won 3.2 and afterward the guy i was playing called me a bastard ??????? why there's no need it was just a friendly game of football?? or so i thought :(

very put off by online don't know if ill bother again :(


14 February 2006
atleast u could play a game yet, takes too long for me too load...

About the cursing and all, i have to agree. Im a somewhat older gamer who likes to play for fun..In Pes5 i feel i play some 10 year olds who play the game as if their lives depend on it and disconnect or start flaming when they get behind.


Agree with you all, shame some people can't just enjoy playing the game.

I have to say Konami seem to have made a real mess of pro evo 6 online. Not only are you waiting ages to log in/select match/etc etc, but of the 5 games I have attempted online all have lost connections at half time.

Most annoying is that if you buy pro evo 6 for the PC, like I did, then you are going to want to use online play more than most I guess... feel like I've been done over by Konami.


16 February 2005
I was online today and it was working flawlessly(knock on wood) so I think they have fixed it:)


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27 May 2004
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But its full of really really poor people which are just laming if they get a goal or didnt win, loose or even win. I heard today so many things its not funny.
You s** of b*. You f* lucking bas**. Haha you f* stupid idiot lost and so on. What are your experiences ?

Hectic Glenn

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14 May 2006
Tottenham Hotspur
I played online today for the first time, and I lost 3 matches where the first half i conceded 2/3 goals each time because there were Danish, Dutch & people from Hong Kong in the UK server. Because they don't have their own lobbies they turn the UK one into lag-central sadly.

I also noticed that I being called racial terms for scoring or even conceding a goal, these people seem to just be testosterone injected 10 year olds.

Not being entirely negative though...I played one superb game. It was a co-op game with some random guy against two morons as usual. I found a lovely bloke who played with superb teamwork, which I repaid by setting him up with 3 goals. It was a beautiful thing! I think the tag-team and teamwork aspect of Co-op reduces the anger, as its not that bitter 1 v 1 rivalry, but a 4 people together. It's much more fun in my opinion.
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