"NUTS" Article On Italian Football/Trouble


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6 May 2003
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Well, this week's Nuts arrived this morning and here are pages, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Quite an interesting read and I thought people on here would like to read also :)

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8 January 2002
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I've never haerd of "Nuts", i know that James Richardson is a well known football journalist. But as far as i can read everything i'm not sure of this is the sort of "attention" that violence in football needs.
I don't know if the overview of the the most (in)famous ultra-sides was really necessary...Some of these morons are actually proud of the press attention they get...The way this done here (a different section for each side) could be mistaken for glorifying their "exploits"...
The title Nuts makes me think that it could be a satirical magazine...if it is, it's not very funny...if it's merely information...it's not good.
This is not the sort of attention hooligans should get...
Just my two cents (well maybe four...)


Totally disagree with that assessment gerd. If you can provide information on a subject like this, it will be swept under the carpet. If the Italians are happy to have this sort of thing prevelant in their game i think its up to other european countries to raise these issues and let everyone know the situation. That way more pressure will be put on the Italian FA, clubs, govt etc to try and eradicate the problem.

If these things arent reported, people will just put their head in the sand, pretend it isnt happening and the problems will continue.

The biggest disgrace in my book is the fact that Inter werent banned from Europe, it isnt the first time this season there has been trouble at an Italian game, and if it was an English club we know there'd be a big outrage if the club,or even the country wasnt banned from Europe.

IMO UEFA AND FIFA have been a disgrace this season with their handling of the racism at Spanish games and the continuing violence at Italian games (I know England still has our problems but nothing compared to what happened at Inter/Milan). And if the governing bodies arent doing anything i think the media has not only a right, but a duty to make people aware of the situation.


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Theyre actually wrong about Milan's fan system.

Milan has 2 real sets of fans - Brigate Rosso Nera and la Fossa dei Leoni (red and black brigade and the lions den.) The article makes it seem that the Lion's den is part of the brigade. Its really 2 separate parties. And trust me, sitting in the Fossa during a Milan game is one of the best football experiences you can have....its 90 minutes singing and cheering for your team - you dont sit - and you form a sort of bond with the fans around you.

Its been a while since the 'communist' political side of Milan was brought out, since Milan was founded by 2 Englishmen. Now Milan is seen as the center/right political team which isnt radical at all. Especially since Milan had Berlusconi, they were never the communist side - thats Livorno.
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