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Obi Who?


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4 July 2003
What is this kid/his lawyers really on about? Does he no longer wish to play football at all? Maybe he just wants some cash and to exist in training and courtrooms...the saga continues:


It baffles me, and its so annoying because FIFA should really make a damn ruling, how hard can it be? Either he signed the contract and he has to honour it, or he can weasle his way out and he doesn't have to honour contracts anymore. But an answer please! Now his lawyer is saying the contract was fake?! What?! if that were true, shouldn't it have maybe been realised, I don't know, sometime in the past 6 f(*^ing months of drama?

Its almost at the stage taht even if he does come into a team, play amazingly, have a great career, he'll still always be known as that little brat that put his financial career above his footballing career.


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9 May 2003
a couple of points, this is getting ridiculous, but every player with this kind of talent, most definatley should put there financial future first. Lets say in three years, he breaks his neck or shatters his knee, and he cant play football anymore, what is he to do? If he doesnt get the most amount of money he possibly can then he is a fool. I dont have a problem with a player trying to get the most money, but he should do it within the rules, the moves by chelsea seem out of bounds...


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13 October 2004
St. Helens, Merseyside.
Manchester United
he should be shot, I've no tolerance for anyone who bows to the Russian Mafia

EDIT: I've just realised that he probably will be shot if he doesn't join Chelsea.....


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1 October 2003
Manchester United
I think we should hold on to him just to piss Chelsea off.
A lot of fans on MUTV have also said that if Chelsea want him so bad, they should just buy Mikel off us. He IS our player after all. We're the only team that has a contract with the player regardless of why he signed it.


12 December 2002
Little Mancunia
The thing is Rune,Chelski could buy him off us but would we sell? I seriously think we wouldnt.Its also a case of just to piss them off.Whats annoying me is that athough he is signed to us,the bus-third dosent seem to have the heart to play for us.I'd steal Roman's handgun and shoot the boy on the head myself.


Isnt he a DMF that like going forward? Does he think by going to Chelski he'll bump out Makelele and Geremi? Or fight with Essien for a spot?

I would thin with Keano's departure, if he wants to play CMF, he'd jump at the chance to play with ManU.

Or is he not a central player?


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1 October 2003
Manchester United
phrase said:
The thing is Rune,Chelski could buy him off us but would we sell? I seriously think we wouldnt.
Who cares? We make money. :mrgreen: He's our player so we set our own price. We'll can make them pay £1million, £5million or even £10million. And if they dont want to, they can have Mikel.

What have we got to lose? The player doesnt want to play for us so we might as well makes money from nothing.


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1 October 2003
Manchester United
phrase said:
Obi Mikel is a central midfielder.He could operate offensively and defensively.Kinda like Micheal Ballack.
I've seen bits of his play and he looks like the sort of thing we need. But whats the point if he doesnt want to play for us? He can be the next Zidane for all I care but if he doesnt want to play for us, then we wont be forcing him.


The boy is a prat, he needs a kick in the face. I mean does he really think he is going to get into the chelsea squad ahead of lampard,makele,essian,geremi and that other diaara guy. Look at shaun wright phillips he is a idiot he doesnt even get played and same will happen to obi. Where if he joins united he will get played regular but it seems he wants to join the dark side.
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