Of the Posts Ive read It would seem that the AI


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5 November 2003
Of the Posts Ive read It would seem that the AI for the cpu teams has been vastly improved, but for the "human team" the AI is just as bad as it ever was.. Defenders your not controlling stand around while in the cpu defence you could have 3 players closing you down..

I will buy PES5 as I believe in what Konami are trying to do, but while things have seem to have changed for the better... a great deal has stayed the same..

As the old saying goes, the more things change the more they stay the same...

I just hope that the stories are true about Konami making a PES game for the Xbox360 I hope they have been working on it for a good while and it will come out round about the same time as the 360 itself ...

Seems Sony are going to hold back the PS3 until 2007


28 September 2003
No freakin way, PS3 is gonna be coming out in spring!! 2006!

By the way, i advise you to move your post before it gets moved :p
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